About us

About us


Fishers Of Men began as a dream in 1991.  Jeff Brooks and Shaun Burrow had a dream of a music ministry.  In 1992 they began working on the goals and music of Fishers Of Men while attending Abilene Christian University.  During the fall semester of 1993, Jeff, Shaun, Joel Scott, Ben Horton, Chad Higgins, and Keith Nations began a journey that would last over three years.  They even recorded a CD, Lift the Cross High, in 1996.  Because of graduation and marriage in 1997, Fishers was no more.

Chad Higgins, Tim Pipes, Mark Perkins, and Keith Nations got together to revamp Fishers Of Men and continue the ministry.  These four guys recorded Fishers' second CD, Let Me Be A Light, in 1998.  Chad left Fishers for a music ministry position in Kingwood, TX.  That left a huge gap in the ministry, but Keith's brother, Brian Nations, filled that gap very well. 

In 2004, Mark and Tim left the group and are singing with other groups.  Shane and Mateo joined the group in September 2004.  Luke and Kyle came on board the end of 2004, and Brian decided to take a break from singing in January 2005.  With graduation, marriage, and moving away, Fishers is currently not touring.

Fishers has shared its ministry with small and large congregations, prisons, camps, retreats, ACU Lectureship and other special events, ACU Chapel, Red River Family Encampent, Tulsa, and the list goes on.

God has truly blessed this ministry, and the ministry has blessed us.


You can contact us via fishers@fishers-of-men.com